Celebrity Mammoth Medical Grade™ Foam Seating Technology

Selected Celebrity models have been reengineered and now come with Mammoth Medical Grade™ Foam Seating as standard. The naturally cooling Mammoth Medical Grade™ Foam was developed in healthcare to ease aches and pains, and return people to health whilst being incredibly comfortable. It is specifically designed to relieve pressure, promote healing and help maintain and improve quality of life. Mammoth research shows that 80% of your body weight goes through the lower back when sitting, so it is essential to have the right support.  This leading seating technology gives you better ease of movement, provides better circulation, support and posture and can help reduce the risk of falling and injury. So effective Mammoth are NHS award winners, Partnered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and recommended by health professionals and experts across the UK. Mammoth Medical Grade™ Foam also comes with a 5 year guarantee. Available as standard on the following models including recliners, riser recliners, fixed and reclining settees: Westbury, Sandhurst, Somersby, Pembroke, Regent and Woburn (excludes all leather and legged models) . To find out more Celebrity Mammoth Medical Grade™ Foam Seating Technology

Zero VAT reference for models containing Celebrity Mammoth Medical Grade™ Foam Seating Technology
“… Celebrity have worked closely with HM Revenue & Customs to ensure that the is accepted as qualifying for VAT zero rate relief when sold to eligible customers that appropriately certify their disability or chronic illness to the retailer. When procuring the from Celebrity Motion Furniture Limited you can therefore have confidence that your application of the VAT relief on onward sales is backed by advanced approval of the product qualification from HM Revenue & Customs.  Should at any time in the future HM Revenue & Customs seek your opinion on the relevant design and manufacturer of our product offering, then we can evidence the requisite confirmatory clearance accordingly to support you in your dealings.  It should be noted that this HMRC clearance is personal to Celebrity Motion Furniture Limited and such statements regarding product liability cannot be relied upon where the is purchased from another manufacturer or distributor….”



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