NEW Celebrity handset and power button

IMPORTANT – ALL Celebrity powered models will manufactured with the new design handsets and power buttons from 23rd April 2018.
*Please see Celebrity Update Presentation below for full product information including details on the new Somersby and Langham.

To provide customers more choice we now offer either a handset or power button option for all power recliners – Single Motor Recliner, Dual Motor Recliner, Single Motor Riser Recliner and Dual Motor Recliner. Powered 2 & 3 seat settees also are available with either the new design handset or power button – Single Motor Recliner or Dual Motor Recliner.
**All power models will be supplied with handsets left hand facing as standard. Power buttons and right hand facing options are available upon request at no extra cost.

The power button option is available on all power models and includes a USB charging point. The handset option includes at reset button.

To update your floor display to show the new power options please contact your Sales Agent for special discounts.

Celebrity Update presentation 04.18